Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

The Gunrunner


Tali Clarke, a disgraced marine, now a civilian gunrunner for a private security firm, is subcontracted by the military to transport a reinforced, unmarked car to the south coast. Called in on her day off and offered triple time for the inconvenience, Tali is told that the mysterious cargo she’s transporting if of the utmost importance.

But when her car is attacked by well-prepared assailants who’ll do anything to secure the payload, Tali is forced to think on her feet and break all the rules if she’s to survive this run…

“A fast paced…exciting read…like an action movie placed inside a comic book.” – James Blundell, Pipedream Comics.

Written by Chris Sides and illustrated by P.L. Woods, click HERE to download The Gunrunner on DriveThruComics now!

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