Out now from Markosia on ComiXology!

Faith Fallon Vol. 3: Dreams Come True

Faith lived a life of poverty, followed by fame, fortune, death and resurrection. Immortal and eternally beautiful, Faith fights to ensure she enjoys and thrives in a fabulous afterlife and nothing will prevent her from making her dreams come true.

Written and illustrated by Steven Pennella, click the links below to download Faith Fallon Vol. 3: Dreams Come True on ComiXology now!


A young king, forced into the throne after the death of his family, must do everything in his power to maintain the peace in his kingdom and find his kidnapped brother. In the meantime, an alien race wishing to wipe them all out takes advantage of the strife.

Written by Avinash Gudipati and illustrated by Gabriel Gaitano, click the links below to download Yuga on ComiXology now!

Androsaurs Vol. 2

Vengeance! Revenge over old wrong doings centuries old as well as new indignities recently come to pass. Pick up 300 years after the events of the first action packed volume of Androsaurs. A new planet populated by steam-punk anthropomorphized dinosaur immigrants. They fight for their place in a new world with the indigenous population. Do they have any rights to the land they’ve settled? How do they cope with traitors to the cause who have traded their allegiance for cybernetic enhancement? Thrill to the adventure inspired by classic western films and sci-fi Victorian technology.

Written and illustrated by Christopher Hanchey, click the links below to download Androsaurs Vol. 2 on ComiXology now!

Sonder Vol. 1: A Dark and Stormy Night

Adam knows no good deed goes unpunished, and still can’t help tempt fate when rescuing Annabelle on a dark and stormy night. With nowhere left to go, Annabelle takes up the offer of this good Samaritan. Waking to whisky, pancakes, and a strange banging from down the hall – she begins to realise that maybe all princes are just beasts in disguise, after all.

Written by Adam Hayter and illustrated by Megan Stevenson, click the links below to download Sonder Vol. 1: A Dark and Stormy Night on ComiXology now!

Shadows Over Venice Vol. 1

The famous Venetian carnival masks were not always the tame, solemn, apparently dead objects they are now. Follow their dramatic and grotesque evolution, intertwined with the life of the great city state of the past. Witness their monstrous introduction as Satanic tools of murder and madness, brought home by Marco Polo from his travels to the ends of the world. See the role they played in the grave events of the Great Plague of 1348, when they stood at the edge of a dispute between the city itself and a powerful magician, cursing it with the magic of the dead. And witness their final elevation to the symbol of the city, worn by the chosen few who became the magical guardians of Venice.

Written by Jiri Tesar and illustrated by Karel Osoha, click the links below to download Shadows Over Venice Vol. 1 on ComiXology now!

Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal

Biblical beings come in many shapes and sizes. Some are malicious and cruel. Others merely lost or misguided. But these mythological wonders aren’t immune to the complexities of an ever-changing world. Although ancient and iconic, they still struggle to be understood and find their place in today’s society. Humanity has changed since their creation, and they along with it. But together we’ll chronicle them on their journey through tales of self-worth and purpose. They’re stories of discovery we’re currently writing every day in our very own Modern Testament.

Written and illustrated by Frank Martin, click the links below to download Modern Testament: Anthology of the Ethereal on ComiXology now!

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