The Kurai army is decimated, the deterrent of Orran’s Blade gone. In the wake of the battle with Zian Agran, a lord known as Kichibei moves to seize Hirono – a domain he believes is rightfully his.

Lord Orran has but one choice – to send out Takashi Asano, a boy who can speak with wolves, to beg aid from the Council of Wolves – the legendary reborn warriors duty-bound to the Kurai.

However, all is not right with the Council – they have lost something precious to them and Takashi must find it, but how can he go on when Meera has vanished from his life..?

Book 2 of The Hirono Chronicles trilogy – WOLF WARRIORS takes you on another journey into the distant past to a land where honour, respect and duty are valued above life itself, a land where death is no barrier to loyalty… or to love.

Written by Thomas John Howard Boggis, The Hirono Chronicles: Wold Warriors is out now and available to order from the links below!

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