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Danny and Harry Private Detectives #6

“Endgame.” Chapter 6 — the final chapter — in “The Case of the Missing Trunk.” Revealed at last: the secret locked inside the missing trunk. Does it have the money that everyone’s been looking for? It’s going to take a lot of gunplay to find out! See the big showdown in Alfred’s antique store. See Butcher Cain manhandle the trunk in a frantic effort to break it open. See Pearl confront Butcher Cain and get a shot at her revenge. See Danny and Harry stand up to crooked neighborhood cops. And what’s that brewing between Danny and Pearl? Romance? In a hard-boiled detective story? Who’da thunk it? Walter Brogan’s art is spectacular, as always, and Charles Santino’s scripting ain’t so bad, either!

Click the links below to download Danny and Harry Private Detectives #6 on ComiXology now!

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